Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doxey Wedding

We loved playing for this intimate wedding at the groom's home. Beautiful flowers, beautiful bride, beautiful home.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Deer Valley St. Regis

Cathy, Rebekah, Michelle, Brittany

St. Regis Hotel ~ Deer Valley Resort in Park City

Funicular: it looks like a rollar coaster but it goes really slow and shuttles hotel and wedding guests in a big elevator type contraption up and down the mountain side.

Our ride up the funicular with all our instruments and music.

It was a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony. But don't let the picture fool you. There was much wind and rain.
We took shelter under a large umbrella. One of us even played up on the rocks in order to stay out of the rain. It was eventful, but we pulled it off without a hitch. Afterward, we played for the cocktail hour (which got moved indoors).

Rebekah found a new friend!
It was so fun to have Rebekah (my sister) back for a gig so many years later - she was a member of the quartet from 2002-2004 before she moved to Tucson, AZ to get her violin performance undergraduate degree. She is now working on her Master's in Violin Performance in Conneticut at the Hart School of Music so it was special to have her in town to play with us!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oksana & Robert

Today we played for a lovely wedding at the Red Cliffs Ranch in Heber City. First we played for a cocktail hour. Then we hopped in a van that took us to a beautiful meadow for the ceremony. Oksana and Robert were surrounded by family and friends in a large yet intimate wedding circle.

Afterward, we played for another cocktail hour and a leisurely dinner which was followed by dancing with a live band. The wedding guests were enjoying themselves so much that the evening plans were delayed quite a bit - we were asked to play for an 2 additional hours until dinner was complete.

After we finished, we packed up to head home. But before we left we happened upon the prettiest porta-potty we'd ever seen.

The kitchen staff also welcomed us to enjoy a bite to eat before our long ride home. As a mother of two young boys, I don't remember the last time I stayed out past 1am. Thanks Anna, Marie, and Chelise for a 'randomly fun yet totally exhausting' evening!

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Luke & Kelli

Tonight we played a lovely wedding at Market Street Grill in Cottonwood. The ceremony was held outside in the heavy July heat, but no one seemed to mind. We were the lucky ones who were placed in the shade. The privilege of being part of others' wedding ceremonies never gets old for me. As someone who just celebrated her 7th wedding anniversary, I always feel grateful that I get to be reminded by the officiant of the things that are truly important. Today, Luke and Kelli's minister reminded me never to take the marriage relationship for granted, and that marriage is about putting your spouse's needs before your own. What an important thing to remember!

After we played the Wedding March, we followed the guests inside to accompany them during the cocktail hour. I was having such a great time playing first violin (I usually play second) that our remaining time passed very quickly and I almost missed our end time! The bride and groom then graciously invited the quartet to indulge in the delicious buffet, which we did. I was planning to buy a cup of Market Street's famous clam chowder on my way out, but a sit down dinner was so appreciated!

Congratulations Luke and Kelli! You make a gorgeous couple!

beautiful photos provided by OpieFoto

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiffanie & Alex

Tonight we played for a lovely reception in honor of a gorgeous couple who are getting married tomorrow. What a great idea to have your party the night before the big day!

We played under a web of string lights, the kind that make you want to live your entire life outside at dusk. The bride and groom stood among a whimsical, yet romantic backdrop of large white paper lanterns. We played some of our favorite selections as three young girls danced their little hearts out, right in the middle of the square. They danced the way I used to dance in front of my parents' large bedroom mirror, carefree and exuberant, but they did it in front of the entire wedding party with no qualms. We then played a song called Three Little Maids and told them it was for them.

The bride and groom requested that we play Over The Rainbow, which we did sometime during the night. Then, as we were leaving, we heard another rendition of the beautiful song playing over the speakers while they danced together and with their parents.

Alex and Tiffanie, we wish you all the best!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Carmen & Jared

Today we played a wedding at the gorgeous venue of Snow Basin Resort. We rode the gondola high up on the mountain to Needles Lodge for the ceremony uniting Carmen and Jared. We had the privilege of accompanying Carmen's brother Tab, an opera student at Weber State, while he sang You Raise Me Up, a piece we learned especially for him.

Then we traveled back down to Earl's Lodge to play during the cocktail hour and reception. Despite a gentle breeze (which we battled with clothes pins holding down our music), it was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding in the canyons!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lion House Luncheon

Today we played for a luncheon at the Lion House on Temple Square in SLC. The theme of the wedding was Disney Princesses. We played the music from Sleeping Beauty along with other popular love songs. The tables were adorned with princess figurines and the bride looked just like a princess!
After playing for the luncheon, I joined my husband, my toddler, and my 12-day old baby for lunch at the pantry in the basement of the Lion House. It was a beautiful day on Temple Square!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rained Out at the Wight House

When she planned her wedding for June 10th, this bride probably thought she would have the typical fantastic weather of early summer in Utah. However, the weather man had different plans. He sent, not only rain, but sheets of it. And hail. And wind. Marci did not get to have her wedding on the roof of the Wight House in Bountiful; however, it turned out to be a perfectly lovely ceremony... inside.

The beautiful ceiling inside the Wight House

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pentecost Sunday

Today we played for a celebratory service at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepard in Ogden for Pentecost Sunday. At different points in the program, we were joined by an organist, trumpeter, full choir, and soprano soloist!

We prepared two special selections for the service. After rehearsing for an hour with the choir, we were ready to begin.

We made a new friend. Glori has an extraordinary soprano voice.

Afterwards, we joined the congregation for a "grand fiesta" celebration.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maria Carolina

Tonight we played for an elegant quinceanera in honor of the beautiful Maria Carolina. We played our favorite selections in the middle of the dance floor while the birthday girl, her family, and all her guests enjoyed their lovely dinner at The Grand America.

We played for her older sister's quinceanera a year and a half ago. At that time, Meili was 9 months pregnant. This time, Cathy is the one who is counting down the days in her pregnancy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Salt Lake's Premier Wedding Show 2010

Today we played at the 2010 Salt Lake's Premier Wedding Show hosted by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Lion House. The above photo was taken from the 9th floor, where all the yummy hors d'ouvres and desserts were being served. We sat at the entrance to the room with all the goodies, so you can imagine how many of the show's guests we were able to greet as they walked by. If you were one of them, thanks for saying hello! We would love to play for your upcoming wedding ceremony or reception!

Bon appetit!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Davis Hospital After Christmas Social

Tonight we played for Davis Hospital's After Christmas Social. What a great idea! There are so many parties and family functions during the holidays; why not celebrate with the co-workers after Christmas! We had a wonderful time.